Integrating Technology Into The Social Studies Classroom

Integrating Technology Into The Social Studies Classroom



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 is an educational website

that provides resources and tutorials that can be shared with entire online

community. The site offers sample lessons, "Do It Yourself" tutorials, archived

webinar classes, technology dictionary, as well as links to the technology training

provided during teacher training sessions.  This site will be updated constantly in

an on-going effort to enhance and keep current with 21st century technology that

can be used to enhance and engage instruction.                                 

       “Technology is a tool that enables teachers and administrators to work

more productively, offering solutions for time management, student monitoring

and intervention, and interesting and effective lessons and classroom activities.”

The social studies section developed three regional integrating technology

training sessions called Social Studies Technology Mini Camps. These "mini camps"

trained teachers to use Web 2.0 tools and provided instruction and modeling on

how to incorporate meaningfully into classroom instruction and learning. This

website has been designed to share some of the lessons and resources that

were a result of those "mini camps" with educators and to show how to use the

right technology tool for the instruction and intended skill outcome.